January 3, 2004

Visiting Parents in New Year

End of the year and/or new year in Japan is also time for "Kisei", or homecoming. A lot of pepole go back home to visit their parents, oftenly taking their kids along so kids can see their grandparents (or, grandparents gets to see their grandchildren). So my wife and I left Meguro, Tokyo and took off to Matsudo, Chiba to see my wife's parents.

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January 1, 2004

A fortune slip

My wife and I are spending the new year in pretty much the Japanese traditional way. One of it is going to the local shinto shrine and praying for a good year. We also bought fortune slips like everybody else, and I happened to get a best one, the "Dai-kichi". I guess I'm going to have a good year. My wife got a "sue-kichi". "Sue" means "at the end", and "kichi" means luck, so she'll get some good luck too.

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December 29, 2003

Taking care of nenga-jo (new year's postcards)

New logic board for my Macintosh G3 arrived at about seven o'clock at night, and I finally got my Mac back alive. Thinking about G3 not recovering, I almost went insane. Thanks to Yahoo! Auction (in Japan, that is) for parts like these would have been so much harder to get or they'd cost me much more at a store.

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December 28, 2003

A drag in Yamada-Denki

Last night, my wife went to a rental video store and got "Pirates of Caribbean." So we sat down ready to watch the movie while having dinner, and pressed PLAY button. Then the video tape recorder makes a weird noise and turned itself off. Seems to be broken. This VTR happens to be a "TV-VTR all in one" kinda model, and now we can't even see a regular TV show. What a week I'm having at the end of the year... It's only been four days since my Macintosh broke down!

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December 25, 2003

Mad Cow disease for everyone

Now we know that there is mad cow disease in the United States of America too. We've had it here in Japan since two years ago (or maybe even longer), and people have had it much longer in Europe, especially Great Britain. Well, we still have Australia and New Zealand to go, but we sure do have our mother nature striking back at us now.

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December 23, 2003

Witches of East Wick

I went to see a musical at Yuraku-cho's Teikoku Theatre with my wife yesterday. It's title was "Witches of East Wick". It was a comical one. It was O.K., I guess. I'll just be honest and say, that I just haven't seen enough musicals to judge if it was really good or not.

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December 22, 2003

Christmas for Lovers

Christmas is coming. It's only three days ahead. Even people at my work are talking "what you gonna do for Christmas?"

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Just to start off

Ok, Here I go with a new weblog in English, talking about daily life and current events in Japan. So if you're curious about what life is like in Japan, check up from time to time.

Just remember though, I am rather sloppy with my English. It's been a while since I lived in United States, so bare with me, if you can.