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June 9, 2006

Now the new pages are indexed

Google finally indexed my new page about pictures of Bali, Indonesia. But only in text, and not the image search. I wonder what makes the difference between those two. It must have something to do with two different robot coming to crawl my page.

There are always two kinds of robots that crawl my pages -- googlebot and Mediapartner. It seems like Mediapartner would have some relation with image search, but I'm not sure.

June 5, 2006

Making a Japanese version of Bali photograph page

OK, so I'm still waiting for my pages to be indexed...

In the meantime, I decided to make a Japanese version of "pictures of Bali". Since my Japanese pages seem to get indexed a lot sooner than English pages. I'll see how this works out.

The reason I made English pages first is simple. There are far more English speaking internet users compared to Japanese. But since my English pages merely exist until Google index them, I thought I should give the Japanese version a chance... sooner than I had planned to.

Anyway, I guess it is going to take much more patience than I expected. That's for sure.

June 4, 2006

Indexing my Japanese pages first, but why?

I really haven't been checking the access logs to my web sites until recently, but now that I am updating the blogs and making new photo pages, I'm checking visitors at least once a day, just so I know what is going on. This is how I found some people hot-linking to my photos.

I realize that after I started to write the weblogs again, robots from all kinds of search engines are coming to crawl my web site. Which is good. The one that comes most often is Yahoo!, followed by msn bot and some others.

After I made the sitemap for Google Sitemap, Google does crawl my pages once a day. What is strange is that my weblongs in Japanese language is already indexed, but not the English version. This is much the same with Yahoo!. Many Japanese people are coming to see my pages in alpha-random talk through Yahoo! 's search result now, but not my english pages.

So what could be the difference? Both of my Japanese pages and English pages are being crawled at pretty much the same -- once a day for Google, couple times a day for Yahoo! . Maybe because there's far more informations in English than in Japanese and search engines can't get through to my site yet? This one, I will probably never figure out.

Anyway, I hope my Bali page get indexed soon so people can see it.