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Warning people about "Statue of Liberty at Night"

One of the most popular content on my web site is the picture file of Statue of Liberty at Night. This is a photograph of Odaiba, Tokyo, and not New York, but it's a pretty cool view of Statue of Liberty with Rainbow Bridge in the background. So many people come to see this file because it comes up to be one of the top link on Google's image search.

But I've had a problem where some people from mypofiles.com were hot linking to this file and continuously downloading this file everytime their page shows up. And they're doing it without letting me know. That's not cool. I'm really not worried about bandwidth theft, since I still have a lot of bandwidth left every month. I guess it's just their bad manner that bothers me.

So I changed the filename of it. And what happens? No more hot-links, but instead, people coming to my site through Google image search would get a 404 and not get to my file. I wrote a notice at the top of the page saying that they can download the file from Kat Hara's Wallpaper page, but I'm not sure if they're actually going to read it.

The best thing to happen now would be, Googlebot comes to crawl the pages and reflect the changes I made to their cache, but somehow it is not happening. It did make a sitemap and uploaded to Google Sitemap, but I guess it still takes a while to have it fixed...