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A New Bali Pictures Page in Wallpaper Section

Long time no updates... It's been more than two years since my last update on this blog. Well, here I go again.

I had a real problem with spam comments and spam trackbacks and I had to re-install a new version of Movable Type and after couple of month, I noticed that the template was mixed up with the Japanese version of my blog. I couldn't figure out how to fix this. I changed the templates but it just didn't work, so I had to re-install Movable Type again... Sending all those files to a remote rental server does take some time.

Anyway, I thought I should make more use of this blog, besides just telling things that happen to me in Japan. I'm going to use this as an update notice of this web-site. I've always had a Japanese version of update page, part of this blog will be that.

So today, I thought I'd let you know of my new page in the Wallpaper section. I just made a page with pictures in Bali Island, Indonesia. If you're ever thinking of visiting the place, take a look.