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To work, or not to work

Back to work tommorow. Drag? Maybe. Having a long vacation is scary because it'll probably take days to get back to that workaholic-mode. Once you're in that mode, you just have to keep on working. Process of getting into that mode is the toughest part.

Today, I had a friend come over to our place. He goes to an university in Canada, and was back for the winter vacation. It's been a full year since I've seen him last time, so had a lot to talk about.

But then I think back to it, I haven't seen too many friends for a while. There were some occations where couple of my friends from college days got together, but I missed most of them because they had on a weekday. Myself, working over one or two o'clock in the morning most of the time, tend to miss those "get together" kinda events unless they have them on weekends.

Some of my other friends are like me as well. Some are busy working, some are busy raising children, and some just can't make it because they were transferred to cities far away from Tokyo, some live out of nation for their work or school, and so on. I think we've reached an age where we are pretty much on our own.

Things could be different if most of us had more free time, but what can you expect in Japan these days. It's either you work your butt off to death, or you don't work at all. It's really not the matter of winning or losing in a competition, but it's the matter of participating in a competition or not. It make me wonder about the definition of exuberant life.