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Combini Burglars

"Combini" is a short way of saying convenience store in Japanese. And because there are so many burglar attacks on combini, you can find the word "combini burglar" somewhere on the newspaper just about everyday.

It's a sad situation that there are so many attacks on convenience stores. Because I oftenly use combini, there may be a day where I come across to one those incidents. What would I do then? Fight the burglar? Maybe. Or I may just call the police on the cell phone and remember as much as I can about this person for later informations.

Looking through news articles, those burglars don't seem to make much money. They take somewhere from 40,000 yen to 200,000 yen at most. With the risk of being caught, it just doesn't seem to pay. Especially now that most of the stores are making sure that they don't keep so much money in the register machine (they put 'em in a rather safe cash box which would take some time to open).

So if the damage to the store is not so big, it might be a better choice to just let the burglar go and not risk your life, assuming that this attacker does not threat anyone's life. After all, they do have some kind of a weapon. Most of the time, it's a kitchen knife.

But if this was in the United States, criminals would probably have a gun instead of a knife. So I tend to think, we should really thank god that Japan does have a good gun control. It is said that the main cause of increasing attacks on convenience stores in Japan is recession. What if there were so many guns flying around like there are in the United States? Let's not think about it...