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Child abuse in Japan

A 15 year old boy was found, almost starved to death, and apparently tortured by his parents. He only weighed 24 kilograms when brought to hospital... This boy is still in coma.

So this one turned out to be a big news. I guess in Japan, a child abuse is still something out of this world, and when it happens, it actually does become a big news.

I think it's good that mass media pay a lot of attentions to these problems. It does bring out the problem to the society and make people think about it. But on the other hand, it is brought out to the people as something that a normal human would never do.

Pardon me... A normal person would not let their child starve to death.

What I'm trying to say is that this whole thing is percieved as something that would never happen around you. But I personally think that this is really not the case. If people living around this kid's house would have noticed a difference, maybe something could have been done to save this poor 15 year old boy.

I guess it's pretty much the same with any kinda crime in Japan, where people tend to think that crimes happens on the "dark side", and that they have nothing to do with it what so ever. When a young boy kills another young boy, we tend to think that the boy was a BORN evil.

But don't we all have risks of turning into evil when things go wrong?

The media is now attacking the parents (this, I don't disagree at all), and also the welfare authorities in charge of helping this children.

Wait. What about the community and the neighbors? Aren't we the ones who can make the difference?

I hope the newspapers and TV stations come up with features about "how to find abused children in your neighborhood." I think it would save more children than attacking particular evil parents.